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Questions?  Take a look at our FAQ

If you’re looking for a digital signage solution, we’re here to answer any questions you have. Our team is happy to discuss product pricing or schedule a complimentary product demo.

Can I use my existing TVs?

CloudSigns.TV will work with just about any flat screen TV. The only thing the TV needs is an HDMI input.

What Type Of Infrastructure Is Required?

Only three things are needed for CloudSigns.TV to work for your business.
#1 – An existing TV or new TV dedicated to CloudSigns.TV
#2 – An internet connection. Ethernet or WiFi.
#3 – A power outlet that is not switched off at end of the day. (Shutting power off to the computer repeatedly can damage the hardware).

Are There Any Contracts?

Unlike many services, CloudSigns LLC allows you to cancel your subscription at any time without cancelation fees. If you have any questions or have any dissatisfaction, please let us know; we want CloudSigns.TV to work for you.
While there are no time contracts, we do have you sign a general user agreement that is common for any software.

Can I Switch Back And Forth To Regular Programming And CloudSigns.TV?

You can switch from your custom channel back to regular programming (ie. news or sports) by simply clicking the input button on the TV or remote. 

What Type Of Maintenance Is Required?

No maintenance is required. Just keep your digital signs fresh with new pictures, information, items, stories, events, and specials via our online editor.

I Need An Extra Copy Of A Sign So I Can Add Different Information?

Once you subscribe to CloudSigns.TV, we will create a custom URL (ie. cloudsigns.tv/yourbusiness/editor.php). Just go to your unique URL and login with your google account. If you don’t have a google account, a CloudSigns LLC representative will help set one up for you. Google is used as a login, because they are one of the most secure logins available. If you forgot your editor link or have any issue logging in, please send an email to info@cloudsigns.tv .

How Do I Edit My Signs?

In your online editing interface, you can add new signs to your playlist by clicking on “ADD” at the bottom of your main editing page. This takes you to your library of available signs. You may notice that when you add a sign such as “Announcement 01” to your playlist that already has “Announcement 01”, you will then have two copies of the sign templateshowing the same information. If you want to use the same sign template multiple times on your playlist with each one having unique information use one with a different number in the title. For example: “Announcement 02”, “Announcement 03”, “Announcement 04”. If you need more unique copies of a sign template, email info@cloudsigns.tv and we will promptly add extra copies for no extra charge.

How Many TVs Can I Play CloudSigns.TV On?

You can play your digital signage on as many TVs per business location as you want. Our digital signage player has 2 HDMI outputs. Playing your signs on more than two TVs will require:
An HDMI Splitter
(splitters start at $20)
A Wireless HDMI Transciever/Reciever(s) Kit
(Kits Start At Around $200)
An Extra CloudSigns.TV Digital Signage Player – This also allows you to play multiple playlists on other TVs.
($400 each)

Can I Embed My Digital Sign Into My Website?

Your digital signage can also be viewed on any flash enabled web browser by going to your unique URL. Since your signage can be accessed through a direct web-link you can use an “Iframe” to embed your digital signage in you website. Contact info@cloudsigns.tv for more information.

How Much Does CloudSigns.TV Cost?

CloudSigns.TV will make you money by selling more product, creating repeat customers, and improving brand image.
Your complete digital signage system from CloudSigns.TV only costs $99/month. There are no upfront costs. We’ll even provide the hardware! Optional custom designed logos are a one time design fee of $300.
With our business card sign template, you can add your own customers’ business cards to your CloudSigns.TV digital signs and charge them to advertise in your business.
Also, with CloudSigns.TV partnership program, you can get a percentage of advertising revenue from CloudSigns LLC partners. This program would display ads relevant to your business such as from beverage companies and other advertisements found on normal TV stations -- except unlike standard programming, you get to keep a portion of the ad revenue. It’s a win – win – win solution! (You can also opt out of third party advertisers).

What Do I Need To Do To Setup CloudSigns.TV In My Business?

If you live in the Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID), a CloudSigns LLC representative will personally install your system and show you how to edit your signs.
Beyond the Pacific Northwest, the CloudSigns.TV player will be preconfigured to your internet connection. All you need to do connect the player to your TV and plug it into a power outlet (that won’t be turned off at night).

My Photos Don't Upload?

Make sure your image file name is only ".jpg". Any other file types or ".jpeg" will not work. Sometimes images are also too large; use your computer's photo editing software and crop your images to 480 pixels by 480 pixels.

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