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Improve Asset Utilization

TV's are made to entertain customers but don't necessarily increase sales. With CloudSigns, you can turn underutilized TVs into money making signs that play your own custom channel. Switching between CloudSigns and regular TV is as easy as pressing the input button!

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Increase Revenues

By constantly displaying specials, menus, and new items in an eye-catching ever-present format, your customers will be aware of what you have to offer and be persuaded to buy more.

Increase Competitive Differentiation

The custom streamlined style that CloudSigns delivers to your business brings a higher level of recognized quality, success, and brand image…leading customers to rate your business higher and come back for more!

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Increase Sales Per Customer

Often employees don't mention everything that is available. By using custom dynamic imagery and text with CloudSigns, products enter the customers' minds both consciously and subconsciously, thus manifesting in increased sales. For example, if dynamic images of dessert are seen by customers, they will be more likely to buy dessert.

Easy To Use

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Select and Edit Your Templates Online

Install The Sign Player On Any Computer

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Quality Customer Support

Personal ~ Friendly ~ Washington-Based

Complete Digital Signage System

Use Our Pre-Configured Media Server For $299

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Online Editor

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Comparing The Best Digital Signage

CloudSigns Digital Signage

  • Simple Intuitive Interface - Learn In 5 Minutes
  • Template Based Signage
  • Stable and Easy With Support
  • Cloud-Based - No Need To Touch Sign Player
  • Plays During Internet Outages

Competitor's Digital Signage

  • Complex Editing Interface
  • In-House Designer Needed
  • IT Department Needed
  • Need To Install Files Every Time To Change Files
  • Fails With Unstable Internet
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